Archie Meets Ramones

15 Jul Archie Meets Ramones

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Archie is timeless, so it only makes sense that he and his friends would also be adept at time travel.

In this fall’s one-shot issue Archie Meets The Ramones, Archie and his band end up transported back in time to the New York of Joey, Johnny, Tommy, and Dee Dee. Having just lost their high school battle of the bands, The Archies are feeling down. Who better to inspire them than the most legendary punk band of all time?

The issue is written by Alex Segura and drawn by Gisele Lagace, with three extra variant covers from Veronica Fish, Francesco Francavilla, and Dan Parent. Check those out above and below. Archie Meets The Ramones is on sale Oct. 5.

ArchieRam#1Fishvar ArchieRamones#1 ArchieRamones#1FFvar ArchieRamones#1Parvar