Billboard Covers JAM, Inc/Shamrock Partnership

20 Jun Billboard Covers JAM, Inc/Shamrock Partnership

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Shamrock Capital Advisors has announced a partnership with Jampol Artist Management (JAM) to acquire the estates of legacy artists and their intellectual property rights.

JAM’s worldwide management clients include the posthumous business of such iconic artists as Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison,Otis Redding, Kurt Cobain, Muddy Waters, Johnny Ramone and Rick James as well as The Doors, The Ramones andJefferson Airplane.

Shamrock Capital Advisors is a Los Angeles-based alternative investment firm has $1.8 billion invested in media, entertainment, and communications, including Consilio, FanDuel, Giant Creative/Strategy and Isolation Network. In May, the private equity firm announced a $250 million Entertainment IP Fund.

“Our critical mission is to preserve, promote and extend artists’ legacies over the long term,” said Jeffrey Jampol, JAM founder and president, in a statement.  “We created and founded the pop culture legacy management business over 15 years ago, and now we are able to expand our offerings to not only management, but in partnership with Shamrock, the actual acquisition and ownership of iconic estates. We can work hand in hand with artists, heirs and beneficiaries as managers, partners, or owners of artists’ works.”

According to JAM’s website, the company’s current projects include the Ramones’ 40th Anniversary box set, a celebration of Otis Redding’s 75th anniversary coming in September, a Janis Joplin documentary and a two-part Ramones exhibit at New York’s Queens Museum of Art and Los Angeles’s Grammy Museum in September.

Jampol’s aim is to introduce new generations to legacy artists’ extant recordings, images, writings and other artistic expressions via such mediums as recordings, film and TV, theater, books, museums, apparel, merchandise and more.

Speaking to The New York Times on June 17, Jampol noted that he takes an “opposite approach” to those avoiding working with deceased artists. “I believe in reanimating the body, and then all the revenue streams will come with it,” he said.

According to the Shamrock partnership statement, those streams include “online fan communication portals, social media, digital marketing, SEM, virtual reality, augmented reality, apps, video games, and other newly evolving technologies.”