"Cannabis Cup salutes Tosh"

05 Feb "Cannabis Cup salutes Tosh"

The Weekly Gleaner
February 5, 2009

REGGAE LEGEND Peter Tosh was recently inducted into the Cannabis Cup’s Counterculture Hall of Fame in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Tosh, who strongly lobblied for the legislation of ganja, was inducted by reggae historian Roger Steffens. His son, Andrew, witnessed the event, which featured performances from KyMani Marley and Bushman.

Tosh, who was murdered at his St Andrew home in 1987, joins an elite group in the Countercutlure Hall of Fame. Bob Marley, Louis Armstrong, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Jack Kerouac, a founder of the Betnik movement and Cheech and Chongf are also inductees.

Some of Tosh’s biggest statements were made in defence of ganja. His 1976 major label debut album, Legalise It, was dedicated to the ‘freeing of the herb’.

The Cannabis Cup is held annually in December in The Netherlands, a country with arguably the most liberal laws regarding the use of ganja. It was started in 1987 by Steve Hager, an editor at High Times magazine, a publication that has covered all matters ganja since its first issue in 1974.

Marley was one of the first inductees into the Counter-culture Hall of Fame in 1997. Last year’s Cannabis Cup was its largest, attracting over 2,300 judges.