Levi’s Resurrects Ramones Favorite Jeans

27 Jul Levi’s Resurrects Ramones Favorite Jeans

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With a heritage that stretches all the way back to 1853, Levi’s isn’t exactly short on history. The brand has introduced some of the most iconic jeans the world has ever seen. Thankfully, the folks on the design team aren’t content to rest on their laurels—and they’re not afraid to breathe new life into the tried-and-true. They did it last year with a slimmed-down take on the 501, and now they’re doing it again with an updated riff on the 505.

For those unfamiliar, the style was first introduced in 1967 during the Summer of Love. But it really hit its stride in the ’70s, when punk rockers ranging from the Ramones to Debbie Harry embraced the slim silhouette. Now, Levi’s is introducing a trimmer version with a lower waist, dubbed the 505C. We caught up with head of design Jonathan Cheung to talk about reviving a counterculture classic.

The iconic styles at Levi’s have always evolved. The 501, for example, has never remained static. And many people play with and customize our icons, including our own collaborators like Supreme, Virgil Abloh, or, quite recently, Josh Peskowitz. The conception of the 505C came about just over a year ago. I’d managed to see a pair of Johnny Ramone’s 505s and noticed he’d customized them by making the legs a bit slimmer. That planted the seed. Like many other people here, I’m a big fan of the 505—specifically the vintage version—and with such a resurgence of vintage Levi’s happening, we wanted to remaster the punk rock classic.

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