METal Saturday Event

11 Apr METal Saturday Event

The Nexus: Serving Pop Culture Brands – Jeff Jampol

Date & Time: April 14th, 2012, 9:30am
Location: Bergamot Station / Building i
Address: 2519 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90404
Hosted By: METal International

There is a nexus between art & commerce, between artists & brands, between legacy & the future, and between mass & niche/social media. Artists in any popular medium – be it music, film, fine art, writing, sculpture, painting or other media – are essentially pop culture brands.

What does that mean exactly? What is art, what is a brand?

What are the differences and similarities as it pertains to messaging, marketing, promoting, advertising or utilizing popular art in pop culture media?

How does one best serve true art, “the message,” and artistic relevance in the pop culture universe of film, television, recordings, merchandise, advertisements, co-branding, sponsorship, social media platforms, etc.?

How does one ensure that the purity of the art, the message and the ethos of the artist are protected, promoted and enhanced at the same time?

These and other topics will be discussed, using case studies and real-world scenarios, with noted pop culture marketing and branding expert Jeff Jampol, President of JAM, Inc.

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