New Classic Rock Awards Show Coming to L.A., Honoring The Doors

15 Oct New Classic Rock Awards Show Coming to L.A., Honoring The Doors

LA Weekly
By Andy Hermann Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 8:10 AM


You would think the last thing Los Angeles needs is another music awards show. But with rock & roll getting more and more squeezed out at the Grammys and VMAs in favor of pop, hip-hop and EDM, it might be nice to see a trophy-fest where the guitars are more important than the costume changes.

That’s the idea behind the Classic Rock Roll of Honour, an awards ceremony hosted by the U.K.-based Classic Rock magazine. The awards have happened for nine straight years in the U.K. amid much ballyhoo (as the Brits like to say), attracting various and sundry rock legends: The Who, Rush, Alice Cooper, Slash, Zakk Wylde. Imagine a British version of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, only with less Rolling Stone favoritism and better jam sessions.

But they haven’t yet attracted much notice in the States. So for their 10th year, to change that, Classic Rock is moving the whole shebang to Los Angeles. And fittingly, they’re honoring L.A.’s favorite classic-rock-era native sons, The Doors, with the Inspiration Award, their version of a lifetime achievement award.

Surviving Doors members Robby Krieger and John Densmore issued a joint statement in response to the announcement:

“In 1965 and ’66, our brothers across the pond were making a lot of beautiful noise, and we attempted to create our own magical sound out here on the West Coast. It’s really nice to see them now turning around, coming back here to L.A., and recognizing what the four of us accomplished together on a beach in L.A. To receive this award on our own soil, from the Brits, is an honor, and we take it as a sign of respect, so — thank you, from us and on behalf of our fallen brothers, Jim and Ray.”

They’ve also picked another Southern California legend to host the awards: rock & roll’s bro-in-chief, Sammy Hagar. Say what you will about Hagar’s music, or his stint with Van Halen, but we actually think this is a great idea. Anyone who’s read Hagar’s autobiography Red: My Uncensored Life knows that this man is as unfiltered as a Mad Men cigarette. Inappropriateness should ensue.

The Classic Rock Roll of Honour awards will take place Tuesday, Nov. 4 at the Avalon in Hollywood and be broadcast in December on AXS TV (exact air dates to be announced). More info at

Fans can vote in all the major categories online until Oct. 22.