Press Release From JAM, Inc.

17 Jun Press Release From JAM, Inc.



Los Angeles, CA – June 17, 2016 – Shamrock Capital Advisors, LLC (“Shamrock”) today announced the formation of a unique partnership with Jampol Artist Management, Inc. (“JAM”) to acquire iconic portfolios of intellectual property rights to a select group of legacy artists in music and other artistic media.  Through this new partnership to own premium assets, JAM and Shamrock are committed to stabilizing and nurturing the rights that they acquire, while putting the legacy of the artists in a position to grow over the long term, and the works of the artist to be carried forward for generations to come.

“Our intent is to own such rights in partnership with the artists or their estates and enhance the long-term value of the artist legacy, while leveraging the unparalleled experience, relationships and market knowledge of JAM, as well as the industry and capital markets expertise of Shamrock”, stated Patrick Russo, a partner at Shamrock.

“Our critical mission at JAM is to preserve, promote and extend artists’ legacies over the long term,” said Jeffrey Jampol, founder and President of JAM. “We created and founded the pop culture legacy management business over 15 years ago, and now we are able to expand our offerings to not only management, but in partnership with Shamrock, the actual acquisition and ownership of iconic estates. We can work hand in hand with artists, heirs and beneficiaries as managers, partners, or owners of artists’ works.”

“Jam is a leader in the legacy management sector. Jeff and his team have demonstrated a unique ability to manage complex rights and relationships with the express intent of keeping an artists’ legacy current for today’s marketplace.  We are eager to partner with Jeff and his team to collectively pursue this strategy given their deep knowledge, insight and experience,” expressed Russo.

Jampol continued, “Authenticity, credibility and pure respect for art are the principles that guide us. We want to work with folks who are committed for the long haul, who respect the legacy of these artists, will not compromise credibility, and with whom we can work hand in hand carrying this art and these messages forward for new generations. Together, Shamrock and JAM present a new model, a different perspective, and a true partnership mentality. Working with artists, beneficiaries or owners of legacy properties, we can bring a level of experience, expertise, respect and authenticity which great art so richly deserves – and has often failed to garner.”


About Jampol Artist Management, Inc.

Jampol Artist Management, Inc. is dedicated to the re-introduction of timeless art through modern means. We manage pop culture legacies around the globe, cultivating the recordings, images, writings and other artistic creations of our clients in order to keep them circulating in the cultural bloodstream and introduce them to generations of brand new fans. JAM are experts in producing and supervising worldwide marketing of recordings, films, TV, documentaries, biopics, Broadway, public theater, books, museums, and retail apparel, merchandise and product lines. We’re not afraid to employ brand-new methods on behalf of our artists, either, including online fan communication portals, social media, digital marketing, SEM, virtual reality, augmented reality, apps, videogames, and other newly evolving technologies. But we know that every decision puts a priceless legacy on the table. We help iconic artists protect, promote and enhance their legacies with authenticity, credibility and integrity. Worldwide management clients include The Doors, Ramones, Jefferson Airplane, the Estates of Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Otis Redding, Kurt Cobain, Muddy Waters, Johnny Ramone, Rick James, and Celestial Pictures, owner of the renowned Shaw Brothers film catalog. Fore more information, please visit

About Shamrock Capital Advisors, LLC

Shamrock Capital Advisors, LLC is a Los Angeles-based alternative investment firm with approximately $1.8 billion of assets under management investing exclusively in the media, entertainment, and communications sectors. Shamrock partners with strong management teams and takes an active, collaborative approach to creating value in each investment. Shamrock’s current investments include Consilio, FanDuel, Giant Creative/Strategy, Isolation Network, Mobilitie, Questex, Recorded Books, Screenvision, Silvergate Media and Wazee Digital. For more information, visit

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