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03 Sep Janis Joplin: Big Brother's White Soul

by John Poppy, Look September 3, 1968 "Without the music, I might have destroyed myself. Now, my feelings work for me." Early afternoon in San Francisco. What if her all-out performances wreck her...

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01 Aug Janis Joplin: Voodoo Lady of Rock

by Michael Thomas - Ramparts Magazine August 1, 1968 John Cooke had a party a couple of months ago in an iron lung factory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The factory belongs to J.H....

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01 Mar The Queen Bees of Rock

by BMI Magazine March 1, 1968 In The Press: "In the beginning, the rock world was all Adams and no Eves," Newsweek commented. But now, "the typical rock group resembles a beehive,...

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